27. - 29.7. 'Perfection of Wisdom' and 40th anniversary of our center with Khenpo Tashi and Mike                                  
The Perfection of Wisdom is a complex topic, however, if we do not understand and realize emptiness we cannot eliminate ignorance that is the very root of Samsara e suffering. Wisdom is like the eyes of Dharma and without it all other practices are blind. 
This weekend will allow us to explore better one of the essential topics of 'The Complete Path' cycle of teachings. 
Teaching schedule: Friday 20:30 – 21:30, Saturday and Sunday 10:00 – 12:00 and 13:30 – 15:30
Saturday, 28 July: 40th anniversary of our center
16.00   16 Arhats ritual and prayers at the temple
17.30   40 years of our center in Ticino
18.30   Dinner
 Please register for the teachings and/or 40th anniversary celebrations before 15 July HERE.

Weekly Activities, July 2018

MAR 3.7. Studio e meditazione del martedì sera: con Mike
19.15 - 20.30   IL SENTIERO COMPLETO: Thupa Gongsal, di Sakya Pandita, “Le sei perfezioni / paramita
I singoli incontri del Sentiero Completo sono aperti a tutti, anche a chi non segue tutto il percorso di studio e pratica su tale tema.
20.30 - 21.00   Meditazione di Buddha Avalokiteshvara per il compleanno di S.S. Dalai Lama

VEN 6.7. Compleanno di Sua Santità Dalai Lama
Il centro resterà chiuso; celebreremo insieme il 3 luglio.
“In questo paese circondato da picchi nevosi,
Tu sei la sorgente di ogni felicità e beneficio.
O potente Avalokiteshvara Tenzin Gyatso,
possano i Tuoi piedi di loto restare saldi
(possa tu vivere) fino alla fine del Samsara.”


Una delle quattro grandi celebrazioni Buddhiste, si ricorda il primo insegnamento conferito dal Buddha a Sarnath concernente le Quattro Nobili Verità.
19.15 - 20.30   Lettura di un Sutra sulle Quattro Nobili verità, Rituale dei 16 Arhat e preghiera a Buddha Shakyamuni


MAR 24.7. Studio e meditazione del martedì sera: con Mike
19.15 - 20.30   IL SENTIERO COMPLETO: Thupa Gongsal, di Sakya Pandita, “Le sei perfezioni paramita
20.30 - 21.00  Meditazione

MAR 31.7. Giorno di Mahakala: con Khenpo Tashi
19.15 - 20.45   Rituale di Mahakala

Durante il periodo estivo le attività del centro
sono sospese
tra il 1 e il 31 agosto 2018.

Vi auguriamo belle vacanze!


On 14 April 2014 at 11:04 our belowed Guru left his body, however we are constantly surprised by his relentless capacity to continue to transmit the pure Holy Dharma.

His journey was accompanied with prayers and practices performed at his home in Rikon, where his precious presence has been felt strongly day and night.

In accordance with Tibetan tradition, many auspicious prayers and rituals were performed for our Guru for at Rikon, his centers and many different monasteries for  seven consecutive weeks. 
Khenchen Lama Sherab dedicated his whole being to the practice of Dharma and was awarded the highest level of recognition from the Sakya monastic university. In the 60', he was chosen by His Holiness Dalai Lama to offer support to the first Tibetan refugee settlement in exile in Switzerland. However, his mission did not end there; he founded various Dharma centres throughout Europe and shared his profound spiritual experience of great loving kindness and wisdom with his followers.

He was a role model Dharma practitioner, a living example of profound faith that transcends the impermanence of phenomenal world. He taught us that it is the role of the disciples to give rebirth to the Masters through our sincere devotion and practice in accordance with the instructions we have received.

He offered all he had and clearly showed us the Path to follow. If we follow his instructions, there is absolutely no doubt we shall reach the state, where the feeling of sorrow and separation from what we think we had lost vanishes completely.

He did not leave us behind; he only temporarily changed his teaching method. He is with us every time we perform a virtuous deed and we are putting into practice his teachings every time our face radiates with a smile filled with love, and we are getting more and more familiar with the Dharma every time we make the right decision.

A disciple in harmony with oneself is never alone.