Mike Bortolotti

Mike Bortolotti, 1977, was born and raised in Ticino. He has been studying and practicing Tibetan Buddhism since 2000. He first encountered Buddhism in Nepal, where he visited different monasteries, attending teachings and doing retreats. He met his Master, Ven. Kenchen Sherab Amipa, in Ticino. He received different teachings and transmissions from various Tibetan masters. From His Holiness the 41st Sakya Trizin, he received Lamdre, the extended cycle of Vajrayogini and other teachings and transmissions. Consequently, he completed different basic meditation retreats on the main Vajrayana practices of the Sakya tradition. He spent two years in India and the Himalayas, where he gained better understanding of Buddhism, and visited many holy places. He has a BA in applied philosophy, and an MA in religious studies, both from the University of Lugano, Switzerland.